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Video Production

For $195.00 we can produce a video for you. It can be original content or lip-sync. Come in and have your makeup done professionally then we will help you get a video you will be proud to show off. Strut your best moves on our stage and have them captured in HD Video. We will mix down and cut the footage to show off your beauty and talent.


For our video production to be successful, we will need to work together before you arrive at our studio for your appointment. Its important that you know the content you want to present. If you are going to be doing original content, we will need a copy of the music that will accompany you. It is important to be able to lay in a clean sound track so your work comes off without a hitch. If you intend to lip-sync another artists work we will need a copy of that music as well. It is best to limit a video shoot to no more than 3 projects. The fewer musical pieces you focus on the better your results will be.

We will be happy to work with you over the phone or in our studio to lay the ground work for your video. This discission will need to be made when you book your video shoot. This consultation will likely take about 1/2 hour. If you choose to do your consultation over the phone, the studio phone number is (262)-632-1000


Items to be discussed at your consultation:

The musical content of your video shoot needs to be discussed, We can help you select songs and talk about video backgrounds as well.

Make sure you know your content well. If you are doing a lip-sync look up the lyrics and know them inside out and backwards. When you are on the stage things will be much easier if you are comfortable with the lyrics.

A good video contains a great deal of movement. It is best to practice on your own before your shoot. An afternoon dancing in your living room will make the time on stage much easier to do. You might want to watch other videos to get an idea of gestures and dance steps used by professionals.

Think about what you want to wear for your video. We have nearly 2000 dresses in our wardrobe if you can't find something on your own. It's best to have a plan before you arrive.

Additional questions can be addresses via e-mail randy@portraitadventures.com


In our consultation we learned what look you are going for and what you are going to wear. We will even discuss a makeup scheme to bring together your look for your video. The makeup for your video will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This will depend on how intricate of a look we are going for and any special challenges a particular face might give us. Not only do we apply a foundation to the face, but we will apply body makeup as well. We will start by determining what color of foundation will suit you best. We carry Graftobian airbrush foundation in 31 different colors and special color correctors in order to match any possible skin tone. We have considerable experience in various skin colors. Ladies of color will be glad to know they are in the deft hands of a professional who is well in tune with the unique characteristics of ethnic skin.

After we determine your foundation color, we will check your eyebrows. If you desire, we can reshape and clean them up. Eyebrows frame your face and its very important to have them look their best. Once the eyebrows are in order, we may choose to add moisturizers, concealers and cream based foundations to prep your skin for the air brush make up. Air brush makeup is applied with a low pressure airbrush (think of it as a tiny paint sprayer). The makeup goes on very thin and light. It does a good job of evenly covering blemishes and skin irregularities. It makes your complexion look even and allows your natural skin to show through. This a single color product, and we sometimes use more than one foundation color if there is a large color variance within your face, as is common in many African American women. An air brush blush is then added to give a healthy glow to your face. We augment the airbrush makeup with a bevy of powders. It is not uncommon to use over 10 different colors in a makeover. Human skin is made up of many colors, the makeup going over it needs to mimic natural skin while letting it show through.

We pay special attention to your eyes and lips. "The eyes are the windows of the soul" it is said; we want your eyes to brighten up your face like a well lit window brightens up a room. Choosing the right eye shadow is usually a great challenge. We will likely ask you what colors you feel look best on you. We have over 250 eye shadow colors in our pallet. We also make custom eye shadow colors using professional cosmetic pigments and application media. There are several different mediums as well. We have water based colors, loose powders, pressed powder pans, waterproof shades and even acrylic airbrush skin paints. We never know for sure what we will use until we custom design your makeup scheme. Because it is an easy way to spread eye infections, we never use mascara. Instead, all of our clients receive a free pair of false eyelashes. It takes a little while to get used to the false eyelashes, but all the clients love them and the way they accentuate their look. The eyes are finished off with the right eye liner and then its onto the lips.

The lips are just as important as the eyes when it comes to sculpting your face. The right shade and shape are very important. Our makeup is designed for photography, therefore it is going to be heavier than you would wear normally. Your makeup has to show through the bright studio lighting. The last thing we want is our subject to look washed out. With your lips and eyes done we will do a final blend, and then its time to dress.

Putting the look together


We have a full size dressing room with a large mirror, After you are dressed, we can work on accessorizing your look. We have racks of costume jewelry and a nice selection of heels to supplement the shoes and items you have brought. We have a large number of wigs if you are interested in seeing what you look like as a blonde, brunette, or red head. We have a large number of hair accessories to accentuate your look. We will help you put together a full look that you will be proud of. . With a tweak and a twist you will be ready for the camera and it's off to shoot some awesome video.


Shooting the Video

We will shoot each video several times. changing camera angles and adding a 2nd or 3rd camera as well. A high budget video shoot can take days to shoot. It will be our goal to get this done in a few hours. Quite often a move or gesture you thought was goofy turns out to be the special effect that makes your video turn into something you only dreamed of. We will take several photos while the shoot is going to add to the content of your video. You will receive a copy of these photos with your finished video. It will take 3 to 5 days to edit and produce the final video. You can choose to pick up your video, have it mailed to you or download it from the cloud.

The Wrap Up

After all the video is shot we will help you pack up everything you brought to your shoot. If time allows we may go through some of the video and discuss what angle might be best to use for the final project. It maybe possible to purchase the raw footage to edit on your own. We may ask you to allow us to use your video in our internet advertising. We know your time is valuable and will try to get you out the door as soon as you need. If you are of the mind, we enjoy sitting and chatting about your experience at our studio. Your video production shoot will be an adventure in photography and video..


Video production of 1 song
3 hours to shoot
3 days to edit
Video production of 2 songs
4 hours to shoot
4 days to edit
Video production of 3 songs
5 hours to shoot
5 days to edit
Video production per hour (non musical)
3 hours
Additional Hours
per hour
$100.00 / hour

Copyright and usage

All content is subject to applicable copyright law. Unless the material is 100% original content, this content cannot be sold or used in any commercial manner. It is intended for the private use of the individual(s) participating in this production. Any fees paid to Portrait Adventures are for the services rendered, use of out facilities and rental of wardrobe. Portrait Adventures does not grant you any ownership, or rights to material legally copyrighted by others.